CNC machining centres

  • 5-axis high-performance machining centre
    Hedelius ACURA 65 EL with integrated rotary swivel table unit and 65-multiple tool magazine.
    Main spindle upgrade to 18,000 min-1
    Spindle power: 35.0 kW/142 Nm
    Traverse paths:
    X-axis 700 mm
    Y-axis 650/465 mm
    Z-axis 600 mm
    Incl. handling system pallet storage Indumatik
    Automatic system for loading and unloading workpiece carriers for 12 pallets of size 400 x 400 mm
    Laser tool control system for non-contact tool measurement and tool damage detection
    Collision monitoring
    Year of manufacture 2017
  • 5-axis machining centre
    Hedelius RotaSwing 605 K20 with integrated rotary
    swivel table unit and 30-multiple tool magazine.
    Main spindle upgrade to 12,000 min-1
    Spindle power 22.00 kW/111 Nm
    Traverse paths:
    X-axis 1330/620 mm, long operation 2000 mm, swing operation: 950/620 mm.
    Y-axis 650/385 mm
    Z-axis 520 mm
    Incl. work area separating wall for swing operation
    Tool damage detection
    3D infrared touch probe
    Toolsetter 2D touch probe for measuring and checking the tools
    Year of manufacture 2012

CNC lathe

  • 2-axis universal lathe
    DMG MORI CLX 450 V6 with driven tools, C-axis, Y-axis and counter spindle.
    Main spindle 4,000 min-1
    Spindle power 17/25.5 kW
    12-multiple servo tool revolver with 12 driven tool stations
    Direct path measuring system X-,Y-axis
    Incl. automatic loading magazine
    for short bars, bar capacity D80 mm
    Workpiece pick-up device for parts up to D80x200 mm, weight max 4 kg
    Parts compartment outside the working area
    Turning diameter max. 400 mm
    Turning length 800 mm
    Year of manufacture 2020
  • CNC lathe
    Gildemeister CTX 400 S2 with driven tools
    main spindle 5.000 min-1
    spindle power 21 kW
    12-multiple tool revolver
    Turning diameter max. 470 mm
    turning length 600 mm
    Year of manufacture 2001

Measuring equipment

  • Measuring arm Faro Prime
    6-axis, 2.4m 8 Ft.
    Repeatability +/- 0.024 mm (single point accuracy)
    Accuracy +/- 0.034 mm (volumetric maximum deviation)
    Typical applications
    Automotive: tooling, alignment, part inspection.
    Metal fabrication: Initial inspection, part verification
    Aerospace: alignment, tool and mould certification, part verification.
    Includes Faro 3D measurement platform software, for efficient fulfilment of quality assurance and inspection tasks. Perfect for managing repetitive inspection routines.
    Year of manufacture 2013

Robot station for testing gripper and handling systems

  • Robot model YASKAWA MH50 II
    The versatile MH50 II is a flexible, 6-axis, high-speed robot with a max. payload of 50kg and a max. working range of 2061mm. It is particularly suitable for handling, machine tending, processing and distribution applications.
    Important technical data:
    – Design: articulated arm robot
    – 6 electrically driven servo axes with absolutely precise pulse encoders
    – max. payload (per arm): 50.0 kg
    – max. reach (per arm): 2061 mm
    – repeatability: better than +/- 0.07 mm
    Year of manufacture 2019

Material preparation

  • 2-column high-performance bandsawing machine
    Cutting diameter round: 420 mm
    Cutting diameter square: 420 mm
    Cutting diameter flat: 420 x 420 mm
    Year of manufacture 2019
  • Double mitre band saw
    BERG & SCHMID GBS 250 Super AutoCut
    Cutting diameter round: 255 mm
    Cutting diameter square: 240 mm
    Cutting diameter flat: 300 x 180 mm
    Year of manufacture 2018
  • Underfloor aluminium circular saw
    BERG & SCHMID MultiCut 401 HA
    Cutting diameter round: 110 mm
    Cutting diameter square: 100 mm
    Cutting diameter flat: 200 x 60 mm
    Year of manufacture 2019

Conventional machines

  • Various drilling, turning and milling machines

Welding process

  • Welding of machine frames, small series production of assemblies
    TIG, MIG, MAG welding
  • Welding table EcoLine
    Demmeler Maschinenbau GmbH
    table size: 2400x1200mm
    Year of manufacture 2010