Electromechanical servo presses

Electromechanical servo presses offer higher dynamics and precision, improved controllability and higher efficiency than most fluid power presses (e.g. hydraulic presses).

Electromechanical servo presses are

  • more dynamic,
  • more precise,
  • easier to control
  • and have a higher efficiency

as hydraulic or pneumatic press systems.



  • High energy efficiency and low environmental impact (no risk of leakage)
    Simple, compact and robust assembly for space-saving integration in machine concepts and use even under harsh environmental conditions
  • Complete modular system with great variability for high flexibility in application
  • Precise positioning, high dynamics, powerful drive and long service life due to the use of high-precision planetary and ball screw spindles
    Intelligent drive system for free programmability and the realisation of complex traversing profiles
  • Free parametrisation of force, position and speed over the complete working area
Electromechanical servo presses
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