The assembly and press-fit stations are semi-automatic individual workstations with manual or fully automatic feed for pressing, joining or extracting. The stations are based on the FGM and FGM EMC electric servo press modules and are available in four sizes. Optionally, the stations can be equipped or customised on a turnkey basis. This can include automatic feeding and removal devices up to robot handling, as well as e.g. linking and handling devices, workpiece fixtures or press-in tools.

The robust spindle press modules achieve maximum traverse speeds of 100 mm/s up to 400 mm/s. Stroke lengths between 0-700 mm are possible, the standard stroke depends on the model. A piezoelectric force transducer integrated in the tool holder allows force control with an accuracy of < 1% of the nominal value and a high reproducibility of the process. The displacement measurement is integrated into the drive or the press displacement is monitored and controlled via a separate displacement transducer on the tool holder, which enables a repeat accuracy of up to 0.01 mm.

The process parameters such as lifting distances, force, speed or braking and acceleration ramps are regulated and monitored by the controller. Programming, evaluation and documentation are carried out via the integrated operating unit or via a graphic user interface on the PC.

Press-in and roller burnishing stations
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