Electromechanical servo presses

The displacement values are transmitted directly to the controller by an absolute encoder integrated in the servo motor.

When mounting several components with different tolerance values, an additional position encoder can be integrated on the tool or on the component holder.

This can already measure out the component tolerances before press-fitting/assembling and the servo press is then regulated via the travel values of this additional travel encoder.

The process is often used when pressing rubber-metal bushings into wishbones.

This function is already included in the control program of the servo press.
The servo press can be positioned via the absolute encoder, then an automatic switchover to the additional encoder takes place and the servo press is subsequently regulated via its travel values.

If an additional encoder is required, only one additional interface is needed on the controller. The type of encoder should then be known, whether absolute, incremental or analogue.

Electromechanical servo presses
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