Electromechanical servo presses
Safety brake

Each electromechanical servo press is equipped with a holding brake in the motor.

If the servo press is intended for a manual workstation, additional safety precautions must be taken for occupational health and safety.
On the mechanical side, this is an additional safety brake mounted directly on the threaded spindle.

An additional safety brake is required if no separating protective device, such as a pneumatic or manual safety door, is used. I.e. with a two-hand control and/or a light grid, this additional safety brake is required.

The safety brake must also be electronically monitored and integrated into the safety control system of the servo press.

Whether an additional safety brake is required must be determined before the order is placed, as the mechanical screw drive is manufactured accordingly. A safety brake can therefore not be retrofitted.

Electromechanical servo presses
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