Press-in and roller burnishing stations

  • Continuous force-displacement monitoring for push and pull tasks
  • Standardised sizes with up to 500 kN nominal force
  • Standardised components for press-fitting and joining technology
  • Design and manufacture of turnkey special press-fit stations
  • Safety control system and additional safety brake for safety cat. 4/PLe
  • Integrated controller enables powerful process control and high cycle rates
  • Low maintenance


EPS 30 press-fit station
with EMSP 6 kN servo press

EPS 30 press-fit station
with EMSP 30 kN servo press

EPS 300 press-fit station
with EMSP 300 kN servo press

The press-fit stations are semi-automatic individual workstations with manual feed for pressing, joining, drawing or roller burnishing. The standard stations are available in four different sizes.

The station comprises a solid base frame, a protective housing, a servo press with force-displacement monitoring on a stand construction as well as the controller and operating unit.

By extending the servo press with a roller burnishing drive, it is possible to burnish – force and displacement monitored.

The process parameters such as stroke path, force, speed or braking and acceleration ramps are regulated and monitored by the internal controller in the control section of the drive using a ready-made PLC program.
The programming of the servo press and the monitoring and visualisation of the joining process is done via a PC with the EMG system software.

The basic model can be expanded by the user or optionally equipped or customised on a turnkey basis. This can include automatic feeding and removal devices up to robot handling, as well as e.g. linking and handling devices, workpiece fixtures or press-fit tools.

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