Electromechanical servo press
EMSP 6 250 AM SB


  • System: Electromechanical servo press
  • Short name: EMSP 6-250-AM-SB-XX
  • Pressing force: 6 kN
  • Effective stroke: 250 mm
  • Max. traverse speed: 250 mm/s
  • Motor attachment: Angled motor
  • Safety brake: SB (with safety brake)
  • Generation: XX (latest product generation)
  • System accuracy:
    Displacement repeatability 0,01 mm
    Force measurement < 1% f.s.

Item no. 18369

  • Robust mechanics based on proven ball screw spindles
  • Aluminium housing, anodised
  • Mechanics with additional safety brake
  • Redundant, secure braking and holding system
  • Flange mounting
  • Guide of the screw drive secured against rotation
  • Standardised tool holder
  • Piezoelectric force transducer integrated in the tool holder
  • Servo motor with absolute encoder and holding brake
  • Control unit with firmware and integrated safety technology
  • Standardised sequence program for force-displacement regulated control of the servo press contained in the controller;
    Parametrisation and evaluation via EMG system software for the PC
  • Drive-based controller and monitoring of process parameters directly in the servo controller
  • Measuring direction: designed for push operation (pull operation optional)
  • Charge amplifier with two independently variable force measuring ranges
  • 2nd measuring range can be used for higher resolution of a smaller force measuring range
  • Motor, encoder and force transducer connection on connector
  • IndraDrive drive system from Bosch Rexroth
  • Speed guide values for joining functions:
    Positioning max: 250 mm/s
    Latch-on (first contact): 2 bis 5 mm/s
    Joining to position: 2 bis 50 mm/s
    Joining on block: 2 bis 50 mm/s
    Holding time of the nominal force: min. 5 sec.
  • Press mechanics with servo motor
  • Servo controller with control unit
  • Mains filter
  • Charge amplifier
  • Control unit for safety brake
Basic ModuleEMSP 6
Nominal force[kN]6
Traverse speed [mm/s]250
Standard stroke[mm]250
Spindle typeBall screw drive
Motor attachmentAngled motor (short design)
Motor equipmentWith electric holding brake and absolute encoder as standard
Mounting method of the servo pressFlange mounting
Force sensorPiezoelectric
Quartz force transducer
Force measuring range*[kN]0 – 6
System accuracy< 1% of the nominal value

* Two force measuring ranges individually adjustable and automatically switchable to increase force accuracy.

Displacement encoderAbsolute encoder
Displacement repeatability[mm]< 0,01

Positioning[mm/s]max. 250
Latching on[mm/s]approx. 2 - 5
Joining to position[mm/s]approx. 2 - 50
Joining on block[mm/s]approx. 2 - 50
Holding timeTmin = 5 sec. at Fmax 6 kN

Power supply
Power supply400V - 3~ - 50/60 Hz
Control voltage24V DC

EMG system software
Powerful, Windows-based QA software for up to 12 servo presses per PC.
Programming, visualising, monitoring and documenting joining processes.

Item no. 14162

Standard EMSP 6 cable harness
Motor, encoder and force transducer cables
Length: 10m

Item no. 14650


EMSP 6 Power Electronics
Components for safety control system, assembly, wiring and commissioning of power electronics

Item no. 14651

Profinet interface
For coupling the servo press controller to a master, e.g. to Siemens S7

Item no. 17888

Displacement transducer interface
Encoder interface for connecting an additional displacement transducer.

Item no. 14408

EMG industrial PC evaluation system
Complete force-displacement monitoring
consisting of PC hardware and QA software
designed for programming and monitoring a servo press

Item no. 14166

Uninterruptible power supply
In connection with EMG industrial PC evaluation system

Item no. 14168

Setup for remote maintenance
With the aid of the remote maintenance software the PC can be operated from outside

Item no. 14165


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